Cancelling your RP

Cancelling your RP

Cancelling your Residence Permit (RP) in Qatar

Time to leave Qatar? Whether returning home or moving on somewhere new, leaving Qatar permanently requires a fair amount of planning and organisation. This is not something that can be done overnight!

Expats working in Qatar are typically sponsored by their employer using what is sometimes referred to as a company sponsored visa or a company sponsorship visa. This ‘company visa sponsorship’ provides a pathway towards a residence permit, which needs to be cancelled before leaving Qatar.

While the process of cancelling a residence permit is quite straightforward, there are plenty of things that need to be ticked off the list before the cancellation process can proceed.


Bank Accounts, Credit Cards and Loans

All Qatar-based bank accounts should be closed, all credit cards should be paid off and cancelled, and all loans should be paid off and cleared.

Remember, it can take up to two months to complete all this paperwork, so be sure to plan in advance. Also, request a bank clearance letter for your employer, and leave a forwarding address for any future correspondence.

It’s worth noting that non-payment of debt is a criminal offence and can result in arrest and a possible prison sentence.

Expats with outstanding debts will not be allowed to leave Qatar, or may be stopped and arrested if they return to the country – or even transit through it.


Employment and Visas

Previously at the end of your contract, you would have had to hand over your passport temporarily to your employer in order to cancel your residence permit. Now, cancellation can be done online by your employer, so long as you are still in the country.

Missing this step could delay your departure, or it could mean you are marked on the immigration system as an absconder.

At this point, make sure to return all medical cards, and request your gratuity payout statement and payment from your employer.

Unsure about gratuity payments? Read more about them in this informative blog post.


Accommodation and Possessions

In terms of your home life, you will have to give your landlord notice of your departure, in accordance with your lease.

Next, arrange disconnection of utilities and phone services before leaving the property to avoid a financial penalty. Once the final reading has been taken and the final bill has been paid, you will receive a Clearance Certificate and your refunded deposit.

Ensure all contracts with mobile phone, internet and TV providers have been cancelled, along with any relevant insurance policies, and any newspapers or services delivered to the door. Cancel your contracts with your mobile phone, internet and TV providers.

Any cars in your name have will have to be transferred and/or de-registered, as it’s not possible to cancel your residence permit with a car registered in your name.

As for your possessions, get quotes for removals and organise a sale to dispose of the items you don’t want to take with you.


Loose Ends

If you have children who are enrolled in school in Qatar, be sure to give sufficient notice in accordance with the school’s admission policy, to allow the school to prepare a transfer letter or certificate.

If you have pets, check you have all the correct paperwork for their travel to your destination. Lastly, some types of employment will require that you apply for Police clearance certificate from the CEID. Police clearance is often only required for certain job positions, so make sure to confirm with your employer if this is a requirement for you.


Cancelling your Residence Permit

Visit the Hukoomi site and follow the steps to cancel your residence permit. Remember, if you’re sponsoring any family members, you will have to cancel their residence permits before cancelling your own.

Once your residence permit has been cancelled, you will automatically be issued a single exit visa and you’ll be required to exit Qatar within seven calendar days (Update: you now have 30 days to exit the country from the time of RP cancellation).

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