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Fusion Middle East: Company Partnership

Fusion Middle East: Company Partnership

Providing corporate partnership to foreign investors looking to start or expand a business in Qatar, Fusion Middle East uses local knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions, catering to each client’s individual business needs and helping to achieve their business objectives.


After identifying the appropriate company structure for the new set-up in Qatar – whether that’s a limited liability company, branch or trade representative office – Fusion Middle East uses insights into the local market and its extensive network of connections to lay the groundwork for success.


This means navigating the complex system of regulatory processes and procedures that exist in across the Middle East, eliminating potential barriers, and fulfilling all necessary requirements to allow the new business to be established. Fusion Middle East is also on hand to ensure each new business abides by Qatari laws, helping to minimise risk while staying on the right side of the law.


By providing the highest levels of service and support, Fusion Middle East and its network of partners are able to help businesses set up in Qatar, quickly and efficiently, with minimal stress in the minimal length of time.


To find out more about starting a business in Qatar, take a look at the company establishment types available to you, or contact us on +974 4012 0300 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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As we have done successfully for more than 200 clients, Fusion Middle East can help to get your business started on right the path! Find out how.

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