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partnership formation

Thinking of setting up business in Qatar? The most common company set-up for foreign investors in Qatar is the Limited Liability Company. However, in Qatar, current law states than most Limited Liability Companies must have one or more Qatari partners. These partners should hold a minimum 51% – or 50% for foreign investors from the Gulf Cooperation Council – stake in the new venture.

The solution? Create a business partnership with a Qatari partner that you can rely on. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy Qatari partner that will give you a fair deal is not always easy.

This is where Fusion Middle East comes in. As a company you can trust, Fusion Middle East provides company partnership that is transparent, fair and honest. We set agreements down on paper, so that you know exactly where you stand within the business partnership, and what to expect from us, as your partner.

Partnership Formation with Fusion Middle East

Fusion Middle East will take the stipulated 51% share of the new set-up, which means taking on 51% of the risk, but not 51% of the profit.

As for control of the business, that remains with you, the business owner. We may have a stake in your business, but the day-to-day decision making remains with you. We are simply there to offer guidance and support wherever it’s needed, dealing with any ministerial requirements, such as licenses and renewals, while providing local insight to ensure your business abides by Qatari law.

Partnership formation with Fusion Middle East also gives you access to a number of other valuable services. We can provide a range of essential PRO services and Corporate services, such as obtaining approvals for commercial activities, in addition to the ongoing management of any corporate licenses required for your business, any visas for your employees.

Interested in finding out more about what a formation of partnership with Fusion Middle East could offer you? Contact us today.

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Limited Liability Company

Setting up your new company? Limited Liability Company is a choice of most foreign investors. Learn More.

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