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Fusion Consultancy Services

Fusion Consultancy Services (FCS) offers customized business and engineering solutions for local and international companies, looking to grow their business in Qatar and the region. FCS’s mandate is to collaborate with partners & clients on enhancing their core business and supporting them in project opportunities locally and regionally.

FCS focuses on assisting partners and clients establish a clear vision, long term goals, and a road map. We also help clients communicate and execute their plan.

Consulting and Projects Partnerships

Feasibility Studies

Providing in-depth analysis on project-specific opportunities, in-country expansion and/or investment plans, to ensure our clients’ investment in every project is worthwhile.

Strategy and business development planning

Identifying opportunities, advising clients on strategy and business development in-market, pre-bid requirements, and bidding/business development strategy.

Operations Planning and Optimization

Assisting clients in establishing a clear vision, long term goals, efficient resourcing, and in optimizing business operations in the market.

Market Sector Analysis & Business Intelligence

Providing highly personalized industry intelligence research and insights on the respective sector our client’s business is present in.

Regional Expansion Planning

Providing significant regional markets ‘assessment to target from the Middle East as a hub.

Engineering & Technical Solutions

Project Management

Planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints in key industries such as construction, infrastructure and Oil & Gas.

Engineering Feasibility Studies

Conducting engineering feasibility studies with a focus on design, production schedule, detailed process flows, consideration of environmental issues, detailed capital and operating costs estimates, and an economic model of the project, for clients on project-specific opportunities, in-country expansion and/or investment plans.

Tendering, Bill of Quantity (BoQ), Pricing, and Resourcing

Assisting companies in preparing tender requirements, getting approvals for prequalification/approved vendor lists, competitively pricing for Bill of Quantities, and staffing competent and high skilled technical project teams.

Design, Integration, and System Installation Services

Providing partner or sub-contract specific design, integration, and installation works from companies to help them bid turnkey solutions to target clients.

Operations and Maintenance Support

Assisting companies in technical operations management and maintaining project equipment/facilities, throughout the project timeframe.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation
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