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Starting a Business in Qatar

As any entrepreneur knows, starting a business – whether at home or overseas – means taking on a certain amount of risk. To enhance your chances of success, you have to minimise risk wherever possible, by planning and investigating, by understanding all applicable laws and procedures, and by fully understanding your business, your clientele, and your surroundings.

When setting up a business overseas, these steps can obviously be more difficult to follow. Having a local partner – a professional you can rely on for guidance and support – is invaluable. If you’re thinking about starting a company in Qatar, Fusion Middle East is that partner. In fact, we are the local partner of choice for more than 80 companies.

We provide you with local knowledge and insight, helping you to make sure your business adheres to Qatari policies and procedures, while you retain full operational control of your business.

Why choose Fusion Middle East?

  • Fusion Middle East will be the local corporate shareholder in your Limited Liability Company.
  • Fusion Middle East has the experience and expertise to provide you with all the help, guidance and support you need when starting a business
    in Qatar.
  • Fusion Middle East will ensure you follow local rules and regulations, assisting with all necessary paperwork, and handling the application and lodging of required licenses, permits, and documentation.
  • Fusion Middle East is a company you can trust, providing total transparency, and setting all agreements in writing so that you always know where you stand.
  • Fusion Middle East can provide a wide range of essential services, including PRO services and Corporate services, such as visa and permit applications.
  • Fusion Middle East can utilise an extensive local network to offer advice on where to find other services essential to starting a business in Qatar, such as marketing services and business development services.

Interested in creating a business set up in Qatar? Contact us to find out how Fusion Middle East could help.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation
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Limited Liability Company

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