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Staff Solutions (Managed Services Program):

Flexible Talent helps businesses become more agile and powerful in the current wave of technology innovation, project support, and department support to avoid disruptive times. The MSP (Managed Services Program) can act as an integral part of your company’s department providing the support and skills needed in a short term or long term function.

Flexi Staffing Solutions
Flexible staffing solutions offer a great advantage in getting qualified resources for competitive and short duration projects. They give you the flexibility of hiring talent for the short term as well as long-term commitments. Fusion Outsourcing Solutions offers the following flexible staffing solutions:

  • Temporary staffing with or without the liability of direct hiring
  • Contract staffing for weekly, monthly, or long-term requirements
  • Permatemp staffing where you have the flexibility to convert the temp status of the resource to permanent based on your requirements

Contingency Staffing Solution
Fusion Outsourcing solutions can cater to your contingency staffing needs also. You have the flexibility to use these services for ad-hoc and contingency needs without any long-term commitment to Fusion Outsourcing as your recruiters. We leverage our contacts and provide specialist resources giving you the choice to increase or decrease the number of resources and/or time period.

At Fusion Outsourcing, we stay compliant with all labor regulations and governance requirements to ensure full local compliance.

Facility Management:

Fusion Outsourcing believes that the best way to create real, lasting value is to make people the central focus of organizations and society as a whole.

As experts in facility services, we have the experience and people to assess your needs and goals and customize a plan that provides the maximum value in the following fields:

  • Electrical solutions
  • Facilities Engineering
  • AVAC & Mechanical
  • Integrated Facility Solutions
  • Janitorial Services
  • Medical

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Through extensive knowledge of the region, a broad network of over 100 companies within the group and a dedicated dynamic team, Fusion Group Holding is a market leader in providing partnership capabilities spanning across several key industries.

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