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What Are PRO Services?

PRO services are a necessary requirement for all companies in Qatar to operate effectively. But what are PRO services exactly? Also known as Government Liaison Services, PRO services involve all interactions with the government that a company or individual may require. This may include obtaining a specific approval for a company to legally operate applying for visas and driving licenses for their employees, through to attestation of documents and translation services.

By utilising our extensive experience, expertise, and a network of contacts, we, at Fusion Support Services (FSS), provide a full range of essential PRO services for both corporate companies and their employees. By providing companies with clarity regarding the processes, advising on the optimum way to achieve their requirements and delivering in a timely and effective manner, Fusion Support Services removes the headache of dealing with bureaucratic processes and allows companies to focus on doing what they do best.

Why Use an External PRO Service Provider?

We are often asked the question as to why a company would benefit from using an external PRO Services provider compared to hiring an “In-house” PRO, and it comes down to our team being FAST.

Flexibility: With a team of PRO’s, we can be in more than one place at any given time, so when a company has an influx of requirements, FSS can complete them concurrently, saving time and allowing companies to mobilise faster.

Availability: As a team, we are never off work sick or on annual leave, leaving processes and procedures half completed. We are always available to quickly respond to the needs and requirements of companies and their employees.

Scalability: Requirements of companies change over time, FSS can scale up with your business in growth times and scale down with your company during consolidation phases. With FSS, you don’t need to worry about adding additional overheads to your company. Unlike an in-house PRO, you aren’t required to pay our team a salary, accommodation or transportation allowance, nor pay for our end-of-service gratuity and a flight home every year.

Technical Expertise: Each of the companies we work with benefit from the years of technical expertise that our client relationship executives hold. As we operate across all industries and work with all governmental departments, we can provide clarity to our partners on the requirements and provide advise on how to best achieve their objectives. Further to this, we keep companies informed on how the process is progressing, providing updates at regular intervals.

How we can help

Dependent upon the company requirements, Fusion Support Services can assist in one of two methods. On a “Per Process” basis, or on a Monthly Contract for a flat fee.

Per Process: If a company only requires assistance from time-to-time, our Per Process option may be more appropriate. On a case by case basis, the company may select from our menu of over 160 Services on an ad-hoc basis.

Ideal for: Companies that have less than 15 employees and would like greater flexibility.

Monthly Contract: For companies that require ongoing assistance with their company and employee matters, Fusion Support Services offers a monthly contract to include 50 of the most commonly requested PRO Services on a flat monthly rate, regardless of the number of requests that you may have. In addition to this, for those rare and unique requirements that may not be included, Fusion Support Services offers a further=25% discount compared to the per-process fees.

Ideal for: Companies with over 15 employees and consistent requirements.

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The FSS team is highly knowledgeable and has over 50+ years of combined experience dealing with all governmental processes. FFS’s innovative solutions enable businesses and individuals to make substantial savings on time, cost and hassle.

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