Fusion Middle East Announcement!

Fusion Middle East Announcement!

Today is the day! We are proud to officially announce our new brand. Take a look at how we’ve transformed into Fusion Middle East, as well as what will change – and what will stay the same.

Why the change?

Reaching our seventh anniversary, we took the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come over the years. We’ve expanded our team, and we’ve experienced significant growth in our clientele, so much so, that we now have more than 80 clients from 18 countries, across 24 industries.

There is also our expansion into the UAE to consider. Alongside the extensive range of services we offer in Qatar, we are now officially open for business in the UAE. This puts us on the path to broader growth across the GCC, while allowing for your further expansion as well.

Reflecting on all this positive change, we felt that it was a good time to reassess our brand, to ensure it truly represents who we are. So now, with our new name and new look, we can look confidently to the future.

Why the name Fusion Middle East?

Our Name


noun: the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

We truly believe that we are better together. We have the know-how and expertise in local process and procedure, while you are the expert in running your business. By bringing these two elements together and applying some energy, we can create a truly successful partnership, with endless potential.


Our Logo

Inspired by the geographical location of the Middle East, our logo design represents the importance of this region, in that it is fast becoming a global hub for business. The four crossed lines not only symbolise the axis of a compass, they also create a new space in the centre. It’s not just a meeting point, or an intersection, it’s a new entity.


To find out more about our new brand, visit our new and improved website: www.fusion-me.com, or get in touch with the team on +974 4012 0320.

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