Fusion Middle East: Company Formation Specialists

Fusion Middle East: Company Formation Specialists

Fusion Middle East: Company Formation Specialists


As company formation specialists, Fusion Middle East assists foreign companies and individuals establish their business in Qatar. How do we do this?


Drawing on years of experience, we not only assist with the end-to-end legal formation of the business, we also provide advice and support, as well as access to essential PRO services.


If required, we also act as the local Qatari business partner, holding the necessary 51% stake in the business.


Why choose Fusion Middle East?


Starting a business at home can be difficult enough. But at least there, you have the advantage of knowing the language, understanding the customs, and being familiar with business practices and regulations.  Starting a business overseas is something else entirely.


When starting a business in Qatar, having local knowledge and advice is invaluable. Which is where Fusion Middle East comes in.


As your partner, Fusion Middle East is with you every step of the way. We will utilise our extensive network of contacts, our skills and our understanding of Qatar policy to ensure everything is done according to procedure.


We will use our local know how to provide insight, we will eliminate barriers, and we will ensure all necessary requirements are fulfilled, to minimise the stress on you.


What company formation services are on offer?



  • We ensure all company formation documentation is in order, and all paperwork and applications are stamped and filed with the appropriate body, so that your newly formed company abides by the laws of Qatar.


  • We advise on local corporate governance rules and regulations, ensure company licenses are valid with up to date information, assist with any changes in company shareholding, management structure and management of commercial activities advising on best solutions for your business as well as obtaining required approvals form government entities.


  • We provide a range of essential PRO services, such as translation services and end-to-end processing of visas, including residence permits, business visas, work visas and family visas.


How can you find out more?


Want to know more about what we do? Simply check out our website or call us on +974 4012 0320. We can give you a free consultation on starting your business in Qatar, while providing you with all you need to know about Fusion Middle East and what we can offer you.


You can also stay informed by subscribing to our YouTube channel.


Our helpful and easy-to-follow videos provide up-to-date information and advice on the company formation process in Qatar, as well as guidance on PRO services for individuals, such as how to transfer your sponsorship and getting a Hamad medical card.

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