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With its extensive experience in Qatari visa policies and procedures, Fusion Support Services is expertly placed to offer businesses all the visa assistance they need. Providing a wide range of visa services, we not only offer valuable advice on the type of visas required, but we also assist businesses in the completion of all visa paperwork. This can involve obtaining documentation as required, acquiring Ministry approvals where needed, and lodging the final application.

With Fusion Support Services, you can trust us to provide the best visa services, knowing that all correct applications have been lodged, following Qatari procedure. Providing you peace of mind, it allows your business to step confidently into the future, in its new home in Qatar.


Leaving family at home can often be the hardest part of working overseas. It needn’t be. When coming to Qatar on business, visitors can choose to bring their family over to stay with them, either for a short visit or on a more permanent basis. For both options, a family visa is required.

There are two types of family visa available:

  • For those who choose to bring their family to Qatar for a short period of time, there is the family visit visa, valid for one month, and extendable up to six months upon completing a local medical examination.
  • Or alternatively, for those who want to bring their family over to Qatar to live with them, there is the family residence visa, permitting the family to obtain local residence in Qatar sponsored by a family member.

Having a family to stay, whether in the short term or the long term, can make a huge difference in the lives of overseas visitors working in Qatar. It can make it easier to establish a base here, making for a much more comfortable home life outside of work hours.


With years of experience in this area, Fusion Support Services’ valuable assistance to companies looking to apply for family visas for their employees. Providing an excellent range of family visa services, we help you first understand which family visa is best for you, to then handle all aspects of the application process.

Utilising our understanding of Qatari visa procedures, we easily navigate our way through the complex paperwork involved in applying for a family visa, ensuring we gather all the correct information for a hassle-free application process. When it comes time for visa renewal, we, of course, can assist with that too.

If you would like to find out more about how Fusion Support Services can assist in the application of your company’s family visa needs, get in touch with us today.

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