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Building on the skills within your business in Qatar can often mean drafting advice and support from international visitors. Whether you’re setting up a business in Qatar, or you already have a well-established company, bringing in visitors from overseas can allow your business to grow and develop, with the aid of new skills and innovative practices.

Welcoming international business visitors and new employees to your business in Qatar means having the correct documentation – and applying for the relevant visa.

For short-term business visitors, the standard business visa can often work best. While a Business Visa is for short-term business visitors only, a Work Visa – also known as a Temporary Work Visa – is a stepping stone to a longer stay in Qatar.

Valid for up to three months, this Temporary Work Visa can allow prospective long-term employees to stay and work in Qatar while they undertake all necessary requirements for their residence permit. Working as an interim visa, the so-called Temporary Work Visa ceases to exist after the Residence Permit has been issued. It’s worth noting companies can only allow individuals to apply for this type of work visa if they have to meet certain requirements, such as an approved labour quota.


Calling on years of experience, Fusion Support Services offers valuable advice to companies seeking Temporary Work Visa services. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of Qatari visa processes and procedures, we advise you on which type of work visa is best for your international visitors and employees, to then arrange and organise the entire visa application.

Applying for a temporary work visa in Qatar can be a long and intensive process, requiring document attestation and several important checks to be undertaken. With its exceptional temporary work visa services, Fusion Support Services takes care of the entire process for you, providing you with peace of mind that everything has been accomplished correctly while removing the obligation from you.

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Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation
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