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Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find information about upcoming tenders in Qatar?

There are multiple sources where a company can identify current government tenders.This includes tender announcements in local newspapers.

However, to search online, you may find tender opportunities on the Qatar Development Bank website: , and the Ministry of Finance Procurement Portal:

2. Do You help us find a local partner??

Fusion Middle East, as a 100% Qatari company, becomes the local 51% Qatari shareholder/partner when required.

Using our company as your local Qatari shareholder, opposed to an individual, provides greater protection for your investment and more effective business continuity planning.

For more information on how Fusion Middle East, the local partner of choice, can assist you with establishing your company in Qatar, contact us here.

3. How far in advance can i renew my residence permit?
It is possible to renew a Qatar ID (QID)/Residency Permit up to six months in advance of its expiry date. However, in most cases, companies shall wait until closer to the expiry date of QID prior to completing the renewal process.

Should your company require assistance with renewing your employees’ Qatar IDs, or other PRO and Visa Solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Can I be a shareholder in another company whilst still working at my job?

Yes, you are permitted to be a shareholder and listed as an authorized signatory of a company in Qatar whilst holding a Qatar ID under another company. However, please note, that we would recommend that you check the terms outlined in your employment contract as to whether your employer permits it.

Furthermore, please note that, if you are an expatriate and wish to be added to the Establishment Card of the company in Qatar, you would first need to transfer your sponsorship to the company.

Without being listed on the Establishment Card of the company, you may face challenges in signing certain documentation.

For more information, please contact us here.

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